Read what some of Marti’s clients are saying about how hypnosis has made a difference in their lives. (In the interest of privacy, last names have been omitted.)

“I just got home from my trip to New Jersey and wanted to email right away to say:  Thank you with all my heart!  Traveling via air was a wonderful experience for the first time in ... about 20 years.  It used to be a terrifying experience, but after our hypnosis sessions, it has become just a mode of transportation!  Imagine that : )!  There was even a lightening storm right over the airport before I was leaving, and that would have highly stressed me before.  This time I just thought, "Eh, If it is unsafe, they just won't let us take off."  Also, both the flight there and home were full of turbulence, but it didn't shake my comfort AT ALL!!  It was wonderful to be able to get off the plane and start enjoying my trip right away because I didn't have to sleep off a dose of Xanax.  Plus, I was able to enjoy every minute of my vacation because I wasn't dreading the flight home!  I am especially grateful, because it turns out I have to get on another flight this Friday for a funeral in Florida!  I am grateful to you beyond words for a life changing experience!”
- Peggy C., Colorado Springs, CO, 6/15/2011


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My name is Laura, I came to you September 29 about a recurring dream I was having.  I did just one session with you, and told you I would let you know after several weeks what the results are.  The results were wonderful!  I have never had the dream again, and I have never had the daytime flashbacks of the dream again, and that was really bothering me!  The dream started around June, and I would have it occasionally throughout the summer.  The worst part was during the day something would trigger a memory of the dream and make me feel nauseous and depressed.  It is completely over, and now I can actually think about it if I want to, on my terms, and can even look back at it with a chuckle.  The whole dream and flashbacks was the strangest thing that ever happened to me, and was making me feel  crazy.  I know it was due to stress in my life from divorce, bills, etc.  I am so glad that the hypnotherapy worked, and I would recommend you to anyone.  If I ever see a need in the future, I will contact you.  Feel free to use my comments for your business in any way you wish, with my first name.”
– Laura, Colorado Springs, CO, 11/4/2010

“I was a diet coke addict, two 44 oz big gulps a day or more. After a session with Marti, I threw away a half full big gulp. Very rarely drink diet coke now, maybe once in a while. Can’t wait to work on the other bad habits I have.”
– Theresa C., Colorado Springs, CO, 9/18/2010

“I went to see Marti with several issues that I was working through, and she was so wonderful at listening and really "hearing" what the root of many of my issues was stemming from. Our 1st session was primarily about focus, and I truly got more accomplished in the following weeks than I had in months. I can only attribute it to Marti's expertise! She also gave me other tools to handle specific situations, she is a wealth of knowledge. I really find her relaxation CD helpful in getting me a good night's sleep. I would recommend Marti without hesitation as a professional who is able to help so many people with many issues that can be dealt with by going directly to the source, the subconscious mind.”
– Mimi T., Colorado Springs, CO, 7/19/2009

“First off I would like to say thank you! I feel like you worked a miracle on me! Since I have been back I haven't wanted to use or do anything pertaining to it. I'm not sure if you are spiritual or anything but I asked God to help me, to send me a sign give me a hand so I could let go of my addiction. He did. Here I am today almost 4 weeks later with a whole new outlook for life! I feel different. I am getting myself back together. I know you must get emails like this all of the time but I would like to you to know that I am so thankful; I feel a burden has been lifted, I feel like I can make the right choices. I do not quite feel like it is necessary for me to continue because I feel strong enough, but if you still feel that it is in my best interest then please let me know. Again thank you and God bless!”
– M. M., Colorado Springs, CO, 10/20/2008


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